What You Need to Know when Learning HTML Web Design

When first starting out at HTML web design it is important to first determine your level of programming knowledge and your needs. At a very basic level anyone can design a HTML website, using user friendly web design utilities from a range of companies, one obvious one being Microsoft Office Publisher, any free on-line website builder or the HTML web design packages offered free when paying for a web domain and web space. The problem with the easier user friendly HTML web design utilities such as these are that they will create very bulky, scatty code that isn’t interpreted very well by search engines and will become more and more frustrating as you just can’t do all the things that you can do if you learn to programme in HTML. But if you only need a very basic website without needing to be ranked highly in Google web rankings, then this may be the best option for you.

Another very simple option, would be to download a free template of a website and adapt it to your needs. This saves days of designing and some are very professional looking. I actually started out using HTML web templates and began to learn HTML codes when adapting my web templates for my own use. Be sure that if choosing to learn HTML coding from scratch, is a long journey that was rewarding to me, but required many, many hours of hard work. Be prepared to spend at least 3 months studying HTML web page codes before things start to really make sense.

If this hasn’t put you off and your willing to put the work in, then I would suggest getting a good HTML web design package that will allow you to work in ‘design mode’ and also in ‘HTML source code mode’ simultaneously. This means you can start off using the ‘design mode’ and slowly introduce yourself to the ‘HTML source code’. I personally use Dreamweaver, its very widely used so there are allot of help forums, giving specific instructions of pretty much anything you need. This is something very important when choosing a HTML web design package, make sure there’s enough user support on the web related to that package, for when you get stuck, because if teaching yourself HTML website design you will be using the Internet for guidance most of the time. To give yourself an idea of what HTML code looks like just open up a web page in notepad, the raw code you see is HTML code, so understanding this code is a must to produce quality high ranking web pages. Being abreast with this can make you equip about  top digital marketing strategies.

Good luck to anyone who puts the effort in, the rewards for me were very worth it, as it brings understanding to how web pages rank highly in search engines and opens the doors to lots of new opportunities!

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