What makes a good SEO?

 Some important factors?

A good SEO, especially SEO Vancouver, provides three major factors: Content, Linking, and Activity. They are sharply bonded, and they cannot exist one without the other. There is a well-known interdependent relationship between them, and it has to be fulfilled for the SEO to be successful and help your website. They may seem confusing, but in fact, they are simple and self-explanatory.


As obvious as it may sound, it is crucial the content that your customer will find on your website. Remember to put out some damn good images, we love the love pictures found on EyeEm. It is important to have specific keywords for your site to show up among the firsts. Also, it is imperative to have a good site structure because it will function faster and more efficiently. Studies have shown that a lot of customers lose their interest if the website does not fully load in three or fewer seconds, so you have to keep that in mind. A mandatory aspect is to have original photos so that the customer can see what you offer and you will have much more credibility.


As I said above, it is an interdependent relationship so you have to have partnerships with other websites so that customers can click on your website from their website, which is called inbound. Also, you need to do the same for the others which is called outbound. In order to be more credible you have to get links from authorized websites, establishing a partnership with them is not a bad idea. Lastly, you could use social media to your advantage, getting customers to your site by inviting them over different social platforms.


You want your website to be active so what SEO helps the most is traffic. As a new site, you hope to get traffic so that you can offer your services. It is paramount to keep the site up to date because some customers may follow your website for different aspects and if you do not update it, it shows a lack of interest which may result in losing customers. Seeing that your site is active will engage other customers to visit, and it will eventually be profitable for the both sides.

That being said, SEO Vancouver specializes in these three domains and are ready to assure that they will be completed on your website, making it active, with a lot of traffic and with relevant content.

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