Tips for Potty Training a Child in Daycare


.otty training is never a boring event and can often cause problems with your child’s daily routine. If you are potty training a child in day care, there are a few things that you should consider. Sometimes, potty training a child in day care can actually be beneficial because the child is motivated by other kids who have already successfully completed the training and are wearing “big kid” underwear. However, it can also be stressful for your child so you need to make it as easy as possible, both on your child and on the day care provider.


Matching the Potty Chairs
Studies have shown that children learn potty training much more quickly when they use the same potty chair at home as they do in other places, such as in day careĀ or school likeĀ Teddy Kids Kinderopvang

. Not only that, but day care providers must consider time, hygiene and other factors while attempting to accommodate everyone. Before you start the potty training process, consult with your day care provider and find out what they do with other children. Try to base your potty training techniques on those used at the day care for maximum convenience.

Potty Training Procedure for Nap Time
Most day care providers have nap time in the early afternoon and children who are potty training frequently experiences accidents while asleep on their mats. Find out what your day care provider prefers to do during nap time and try to act accordingly. Some would rather use diapers or pull-ups at nap time to avoid cleaning up accidents, while others don’t care either way. The most important thing is to make life as easy for your day care staff members as possible.

Proper Clothing for Potty Training
One of the major mistakes that parents make when potty training their child in day care is failing to dress their child appropriately. Pants and shirts should be separate — no overalls or one-pieces — and pull-down pants are the most convenient because children can remove them quickly and easily when they have to “go”. This makes the day care provider’s just much easier because accidents don’t have to be cleaned as often.

Providing Spare Clothing
Accidents will happen while potty training, regardless of whether or not the child is in day care. For these unplanned emergencies, keep at least two extra sets of clothing at the day care. Most day cares have “reserves” for children who don’t have extra clothing, but you’ll have to launder those items and return them, so save everyone the trouble. Make sure you have extra underwear, extra shirts and extra pants.

Consider the Timing
It isn’t a good idea to start potty training just because it seems like the right time. Instead, consider other occurrences in the child’s life. Holidays and major changes signify a less-than-appropriate time for potty training, as are the first few weeks after changing day care providers. Make sure that your child is calm and confident in his or her surroundings before you make additional changes.

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