Vancouver Condos Presale STILL Setting Records Despite Foreign Tax

Just when you thought the prices were going to give you a break, something new decided to come along.  And that new thing is “presales”.  Let’s back it up a bit and take a closer look at what exactly we are dealing with. If you take a quick look at MLS Vancouver, you will see what I mean. 

Firstly, the market for real estate seems to be stopping its eternal climb to prices of new heights, which is great news for those who were starting to sweat about being able to find a home within their price range.  That’s not to say that finding an affordable home is going to be easy, however.  But, this is definitely a great start.

Secondly, people are waiting for the prices of homes to drop down.  This is an expected outcome seeing as it is normally what follows a evening out of the market.  That being said, this is what is causing the problem.  The prices aren’t falling at all.

Dave Jenkins, Port Moody Real Estate Agent

Combine this with the fact that the presale figures are even higher than before is making some people in the market very, very frustrated.  And with good reason.  After all, you know that the prices are going to drop, so you decide to sit back and hold tight to your money, knowing you’ll get that house of your dreams for a cheaper price once everything settled down.

But, the province has another blow up its sleeve, and this is the very fact that the general pricing in real estate across the entire province in British Columbia is doing just fine.  In fact, it’s gone up.  So, what does that mean for those who are looking to make a home in Vancouver?

There is still a lot up in the air about how the prices are going to be impacted now that the terrifying demand is started to stabilize itself, according to a known Vancouver realtor. There have been a few drops in prices in this busy area, which are encouraging, but most of it is simply holding steady and starting to inch back up to that line of increasing again.

Officials say that the market for real estate is healthy and that this is a good thing, but it isn’t for those who are trying to find homes in the expensive city.  After all, the prices were driven up by those foreign buyers, who have recently moved onto bigger and better things, and now hard working residents of Vancouver are being forced to meet the over inflated prices that were caused by other people.  In other words: Vancouver inhabitants are being forced to clean up someone else’s mess, and no one is happy about it.  Well, except for those who are looking to sell their homes at the highest price possible, that is.

It’s not a buyer’s market right now, and residents are waiting impatiently for something to change so that having a home they actually afford to live in.  It seems like it is just blow after blow for the unfortunate Vancouver lovers.  Perhaps the new year will bring new cheer, but that is still a very long way away for those who are in the market to buy, right now.

Types of Power Solutions for Beacons

Generally, the available types of power solutions for beacons in the market are three. First, there are battery-powered beacons, which were actually the first ones in the market. In this category, there are beacons that use coin cell batteries and those that use AA batteries while others use AAA batteries. Secondly, there are electricity-powered beacons, which came after battery powered. The third type of beacons is those that are USB powered.

  1. Battery powered beacons

Beacons that use batteries are the most common and readily available ones in the market. The most popular battery powered beacons use a coin-sized or AA and AAA batteries. Typically, these batteries are not rechargeable and therefore, you will have to replace them when they become ineffective. The most conventional beacons have battery life that ranges from one to two years. In more often than not, battery life is affected by the surroundings. Generally, extreme temperatures often reduce battery life. You should understand that rain and other absorbing mediums around beacons can reduce their signal strength. Examples of battery-powered beacons are BlueCat and Estimote.

  1. USB powered

Many businesses prefer using USB powered beacons. Yes, it’s true that beacons that use batteries are readily available as compared to USB powered ones. However, battery powered beacons are more demanding because apart from keeping track of which beacon is running out of battery especially when you are using a fleet of beacons, you also have to replace the batteries at the right time for each beacon.

So, the easy alternatives for battery-powered beacons are USB-powered beacons. All you need to do is with these beacons is to just plug them in and you are good to go. Some of the USB-powered beacons available in the marklet today are AIRCable USB Dongle and Rad among others.

  1. Ambient electromagnetic wave powered beacons

From the look of things, beacon space is not done with innovating beacon devices. As you know, there are still dozens of issues with beacons. The most common issues is the fact that you still have to check and replace their batteries from time to time, which is actually a daunting task. Ambient electromagnetic wave powered beacons are actually the solution to this problem for now.

Of course, you have many ways to deal with beans battery issues. For instance, you can have a beacon management platform, which detects when a beacon has run out of battery and alert you. However, it would be much easier to work around this if you have a battery-less beacon. These beacons, which are often called ‘Air Beacons’ work by simply extracting power from one particular source of low-current ambient electromagnetic waves. Their size makes them extremely portable and they are currently the most convenient to use.



I have to say, that I have had a lot of troubles with my neck in the past

  • March 7, 2011
  • Health

I have to say, that I have had a lot of troubles with my neck in the past. Many of these issues, I just assumed that everybody went through. Maybe it’s just how I was raised, but I never thought that anything that I was going through was unique or significant, and I’ve always just learned to work through my pain, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Recently, I started dating someone new. She’s fantastic. One thing she told me, was that a lot of what I was going through was peculiar and particular, and that I shouldn’t sell my own pain or feelings short. Of course, I resisted this perspective at first. But, after thinking it over, I realize that this sort of self-awareness and care to heal my wounds of all kinds and alleviate the constant pain that has been so present in my life is actually something that is worth addressing. So, I’ve started by beginning with the neck issues.

The top 5 app store optimization tools

  • March 5, 2011
  • Tech

The top 5 app store optimization tools

ASO is also known as app store SEO because it works in the same way as SEO works for search engines. It aims at placing an app higher in the search results of the app store so that more people get to see it and hence download it and use it. If you are a developer and want to make your app standout, there is a number of tools that you can use to achieve that. In this article we will highlight some of the most important app store optimization tools:

  1. Gummicube:

This is an intelligence software that has been in the market since 2011. It is designed to understand what users look for in the App Store and in Google Play in order to deliver better results. It provides content optimization and analyzes reviews, ratings and their significance to increase downloads. This app has a monthly flat fee.