Nike SasQuatch 460 Driver Review


Nike has been making golf equipment now for around 10 years. While many like their irons, wedges and balls, Nike has always seemed to struggle in the driver and fairway wood department. Their first attempts were similar to products already on the market and the simple fact that Tiger was using the club did little to affect driver sales. Introduce the Sumo a few years back and they had a solid golf club that performed well. Now comes the Sumo 460
The Nike Sumo 460, of course, features a Titanium 460 cc head. The “footprint” of the monster is the largest that I have ever seen, with so much club behind the golf ball its no wonder why this club launches them high and carries them far! The longer, large club head allows weight to be moved to rear of the club head to produce this hi launch/low spin ball flight. Nike is calling this “Powerbow”. It is very evident in it’s Grey color towards the back of an all black crown. This is also what makes the thing look so big! The face itself is a proprietary metal called NexTi, which is “claimed” to be thinner, stronger and lighter than any Titanium out there. With a hot, large face and a very high MOI, the Nike Sasquatch 460 is a quantum leap in Nike’s driver development.

When I got to a chance to hit this club I used the 9.5* in a stiff flex. Obviously the first thing I noticed was it’s size. It was a little hard to get over, but after all the other large headed drivers I have hit over the years my intimidation did not last long. I hit a lot of good shots with this club, but for a 9.5* Stiff flex driver it was going a little too high for my taste. I will review the Tour version next. The club did almost everything I wanted it to. I could hit high hooks of course, and was even able to hit a few fades. This is a very solid club that was forgiving and had a nice hot feel to it. It did everything Nike said it would!

I would suggest this driver to anyone struggling to get the ball in the air. They make several lofts including a 13*! Many shaft flexes are available as well, so if you are in the market for a Nike driver, you should be able to find a head and shaft combination to fit you! The only real hang up for me was the higher than normal ball flight, but this driver is not intended for the faster swinger anyways! Give it a try, its definitely worth a look!


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