New Website Created, but No Traffic


Can you remember the first time you set up your first website. You contemplated on your domain name, and what hosting company you wanted to sign up with. You also hired a web designer or you decided to designed it yourself to your satisfaction. If you want to learn more, browse some pages onĀ web hosting Canada reviews.

I remind you, if your first website was just one of your run of the mill hobbies with no intentions of driving any traffic, then your accomplishments were successfully met. Now if you are trying to earn income from your website or blog and you have that mentality of if I build it they will come persona, well I have news for you.
Most people have this assertion that if they build a website, they will have visitors just show up. I am at fault also. I assumed people were just going to flock to my website just like most assumed. The hard truth is that my website just sat there. Now my website looked nice, had a professional appearance and well designed, but had nothing else going as far as getting people to visit. Basically my first website just sat on the world wide web abandoned by visitors.

I guess you asked what ever happened to my first website. Besides sitting there and rotting away, nothing happened. Unfortunately when you are not trained or educated with search engine optimization, you have no clue on how to get visitors to your website. So I had to go back, of course I also abandon my website. I went back to the drawing board and started doing a lot of research on how to get visitors to my website.

I had to learn how to bring in visitors or traffic to my website. In doing my research I was introduced to article marketing, acquiring manual or organic back links from other website, guest posts, commenting on blogs that are similar to the same subject matter that my current site has, etc. I was very skeptical at first. To be honest I was quite overwhelmed. I didn’t know what search engine optimization meant. Back links, I had no clue. I knew what links and hyperlinks were, but not back links. So if you are starting a website or blog, creating and designing it will and getting it up and running on the internet is half of the battle. Getting visitors to visit your web site is a whole different matter.

I would like to advise you to do a lot of research on search engine optimization and how to draw traffic to your website, before you just decide to get a website online. It will save you a lot of time, money and stress.

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