How to Choose the Right Curtain Rods for Your Home


Choosing the right curtain rods can be difficult. It is not a simple case of visiting JC Penney or Bed, Bath and Beyond for your curtain rod needs and walking away five minutes later with the perfect set of curtain rods. You will want to ensure that you choose the design that will best complement your windows, furniture and the rest of your home décor. You will also need to work within your family budget, as curtain rods can be expensive.

Choosing the Right Style

Before you go shopping for curtain rods, decide on the exact style that you would like to have. Would you like to have wooden, metal or plastic curtain rods? Do you want the curtain rods to match your furniture or other décor in your home? Also, think about the type of curtains you plan on installing. Will you put up net curtains or fabric curtains?

Net curtains do not require thick curtain rods, as they can easily slip through a thin curtain rod, but fabric ones will look nicer and fit better with thicker curtain rods.

Family Considerations

When shopping for curtain rods, you will need to ensure your family also likes the style of curtain rods you buy. Everyone in the family will have to live with the choice of curtain rods after all! Some family members may not have any particular preference. But for those who do, consider their likes and dislikes and try to come up with a neutral style that everyone can live with. For dinner, you can surprise your family with new  wooden dinnerware sets. I bet they will like them!

Shopping for curtain rods is time consuming as it is without having to go to the trouble of removing them and returning them only to start the whole process all over again. If you get it right first time, you will not have to go through this.

Home Accessories

Next, you will need to think about the kind of accessories that will go with your curtain rods. Will you be looking into buying hold-backs for your curtains? If so, it is better to buy matching hold-backs that will complement your curtain rods. Pole rings will be required for fabric curtains or shower curtains, so it is worth adding these to your shopping list as well.

Budgeting Concerns

Curtain rods vary considerably in price. Obviously, the more ornate the curtain rods, the more costly they will be. For example, in JC Penney, the Bombay style goes up in price to $29.99 for curtain rods that are 60″-108″ wide. So if you need to buy curtain rods for eight windows that are the same size that will set you back over $230. Shop around for the best deal and try to buy curtain rods when they are on sale.

Weight of the Rods

Weight is not normally taken into consideration when shopping for curtain rods. But you will still need to bear this in mind. Heavy curtains will add even more weight to curtain rods. So you may decide to opt for a lighter style of curtain rod that can be easily assembled and held in place.

Shopping for curtain rods takes a lot of planning, thought and time. Look for curtain rods that fit your budget, décor and will be pleasing to all the family.

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