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What You Need to Know when Learning HTML Web Design

When first starting out at HTML web design it is important to first determine your level of programming knowledge and your needs. At a very basic level anyone can design a HTML website, using user friendly web design utilities from a range of companies, one obvious one being Microsoft Office Publisher, any free on-line website builder or the HTML web design packages offered free when paying for a web domain and web space. The problem with the easier user friendly HTML web design utilities such as these are that they will create very bulky, scatty code that isn’t interpreted very well by search engines and will become more and more frustrating as you just can’t do all the things that you can do if you learn to programme in HTML. But if you only need a very basic website without needing to be ranked highly in Google web rankings, then this may be the best option for you.

Another very simple option, would be to download a free template of a website and adapt it to your needs. This saves days of designing and some are very professional looking. I actually started out using HTML web templates and began to learn HTML codes when adapting my web templates for my own use. Be sure that if choosing to learn HTML coding from scratch, is a long journey that was rewarding to me, but required many, many hours of hard work. Be prepared to spend at least 3 months studying HTML web page codes before things start to really make sense.

If this hasn’t put you off and your willing to put the work in, then I would suggest getting a good HTML web design package that will allow you to work in ‘design mode’ and also in ‘HTML source code mode’ simultaneously. This means you can start off using the ‘design mode’ and slowly introduce yourself to the ‘HTML source code’. I personally use Dreamweaver, its very widely used so there are allot of help forums, giving specific instructions of pretty much anything you need. This is something very important when choosing a HTML web design package, make sure there’s enough user support on the web related to that package, for when you get stuck, because if teaching yourself HTML website design you will be using the Internet for guidance most of the time. To give yourself an idea of what HTML code looks like just open up a web page in notepad, the raw code you see is HTML code, so understanding this code is a must to produce quality high ranking web pages. Being abreast with this can make you equip about  top digital marketing strategies.

Good luck to anyone who puts the effort in, the rewards for me were very worth it, as it brings understanding to how web pages rank highly in search engines and opens the doors to lots of new opportunities!

10 Things that Can Get You Fired

Even though you are great at searching available your dream hospitality jobs, freelance gigs, corporate works or those work that enables you to do what you love to do, we still create mistakes along the way. Even the best of us make mistakes. It’s part of being human, and it’s how we learn and grow. While most mistakes can be forgiven and overlooked in the workplace, there are some types of behaviors that are just plain unacceptable at work. These mistakes and behaviors will often result in disciplinary actions, from written and verbal warnings to immediate termination of employment. Regardless of what line of work you are in, here are ten things that will get you in big trouble at work.

1. Using the computer for personal use. This seems to be an epidemic in the modern workplace. About fifty percent of the employees I have fired over the past few years were fired because they felt it was their right to use company property in order to chat with friends, play games, or shop online. Playing games on company time while using company property is unacceptable, plain and simple.

2. Irresponsible spending. It is easy to spend someone else’s money. Many employees who are involved in product ordering and purchasing supplies are under the impression that their employer has inexhaustible wealth. This is not the case. When we trust an employee with a business credit card or checking account, we expect an employee to use them responsibly, not go on a shopping spree. Certain things, like ink cartridges and paper clips, are legitimate purchases. Other things, like personalized coffee mugs for the break room, are not.

3. Ego. Making statements like “That’s not my job” or “That job is beneath me” are surefire ways to get on your employer’s bad side. Either you are a team player or you are not. There is no middle ground. Part of being a team player is to do the occasional grunt work when it is required.

4. Taking excessive sick days. If everyone else in your workplace misses three or four days a year due to sickness, and you miss thirty-five, you just might want to update your resume because you will soon be looking for a new job.

5. Sexual harassment. The workplace is not your personal dating scene. Come to work ready to work, not to hook up with the new girl in the marketing department. Not only is this behavior unprofessional, but it places your employer at great risk. Settling sexual harassment lawsuits aren’t cheap, and they can tarnish a company’s reputation.

6. Theft. Which is worse: stealing a car or stealing a stapler from your office? They are both the same. Theft is theft, and it is wrong. Just as you can’t murder someone “a little bit”, you can’t steal a little bit. Whether you steal a dime or steal a million dollars, you are still committing an immoral and illegal act.

7. Arguing with a client or customer. The customer is always right, even when the customer is wrong.

8. Missing scheduled meetings. Most employees are expected to attend staff meetings, whether they like it or not. Habitually missing mandatory staff meetings shows that you are not a team player. If it were permissible to miss a mandatory staff meeting, it would be called an optional staff meeting.

9. Bad attitude. An employer would rather have a dozen mediocre workers with good attitudes than a dozen outstanding workers with bad attitudes.

10. Failure to take responsibility. We all make mistakes, and good employees own up to them. Constantly pointing the finger at other employees will not get you out of trouble; it will only show your employer that you are incapable of taking responsibility for your actions.

These are the ten workplace sins that may not only result in the loss of a job, but a loss of reputation as well.

Years of Fears

For countless decades, more than 7 billion people (some alive, some dead) have made their resolutions every time a new year begins.  Some resolutions are hedonistic like, “I will make tons of money this year.” There are some that is for the goodness of health (or not) like, “I will always climb the stairs this year even if I would have to ascend a 30 story building.” While there are others that are effortless like, “I will always sleep.”

Resolutions have been an annual practice for us because when we were still in elementary, even in high school; our teachers would always ask us to write essays about our resolutions. Also, there are some parents who always enquire their children, “What’s your new year’s resolution my son/daughter?” And let us not forget that media is also partly to be blamed.


If resolutions could be accounted every single time they are made, there is no doubt that if they were living creatures, they could outnumber the present population. One could even surmise that the land that we are living in right now would be insufficient for the resolutions to live in.

However, for even just one time, have you ever tried not making any resolutions? I have. Why, do you wonder? It is because we are living in fear Fear of heghts, of new beginning, of being in a new place, even fear of failing. I personally am afraid of falling to reach my dreams. I am dreaming to become a web developer, that is why I am investing my time of learning the tricks of hosting ranking.

If you would ponder about it, the rationale why we make resolutions every year is because we were unsuccessful in achieving these resolutions during the previous year. And since a New Year will be beginning, we are afraid of not being able to accomplish again what we have set out to do in the outgoing year. Not only are we frightened of not being able to accomplish them again. We are also fearful that if we do not change for the better, we are scared that we might be in the streets wandering and pleading for cash or food, or our bodies floating aimlessly in a body of water, and other instances that we would not want to see ourselves in.

Take for example this resolution, “I will become thriftier this year than I was before.” Sure, you would think that a person who makes this as a resolution is somehow stingy. But if you think about it, he is terrified. He is afraid of not being able to afford his wants or his needs. He is fearful of being unable to live. He is afraid of the future. There is nothing wrong with worrying about it. But try to spread your wings a little wider. There is nothing wrong with spending money. There is nothing wrong with saving either. What you should do is to be more watchful of your expenses and avoiding splurging it for nonsense. It is not about being safe or cautious. But it is about spending the right amount for the right reasons. As the famous cliché says, too much or too less of anything is bad for you.

Finding comfort in my city

With all the excitement one feels upon stepping into the grounds of the city, one place can give you calmness and solace after a day’s city experience.

Situated in the outskirts of the city is what every tourist can call home away from home. It is a cozy, laidback hotel amidst the cool, breezy atmosphere of the summer capital off the country, is known to give you the much-need R&R while exploring the wonders of the culturally-rich city and its nearby destinations. Staying true to its name this chalet boasts of its wooden interiors and exquisite yet soothing ambiance.


From its rooms to other amenities intricately designed in cool, neutral tones, it prides itself for offering a one-of-a-kind experience, giving every guest a value for their money. Its 60-rooms give you a scenic view of lush trees which sways with the gentle, cool breeze, truly an inviting call to explore what the place has to offer. Every room is equipped with air-conditioning, safety deposit box, bath amenities and telephone.

The room reservation also comes with daily breakfast and wifi access. For available services, guests can have room service, laundry service, and 24-hour security with CCTV surveillance. It also has a 24/hour security for parking so you need not to worry on maintaining your car whenever you are away. I so love this place! It is also where important moments happen.

It gives emphasis on sharing the experience with family, friends, and even colleagues.

The place has amenities that not only fit for families, but for businesses and organizations as well who would like to turn their functions room as their venue for their gatherings and celebrations. It is proud to highlight their three function halls, with 150 seating capacity, which are perfect for small events up to the grand ones. The venues are designed for business conferences, wedding receptions, debut, seminar, birthday parties, and teambuilding activities.

The hungry tummy will not be disappointed to its cafe offers you an array of food variants that fits everyone in the family. But if you want to know what the restaurant is best for, try their trademark Churros and pair with a warm dark chocolate drink after. The dining area, formerly known as Dulcinea, likewise give you a scenic view that lets you enjoy the calm feeling of being away from the bustling city life.

A Nice Story on the Road

In every road we take, just as in life, there are many inspiring and heart warming stories that will strike our heart. One of which was when I met a woman while on the road. I was driving my car on the way to family reunion some time ago. I was arranging my dashcam, and i was also trying to dashcam test 2018  it, when I saw a young lady who might have been in her early 20s who signalled that she will hitch hike. I am not the type who agrees with hitchhiking. In fact, I haven’t met someone and let someone into my car, someone i do not know will not enter my car alone. But there is something with her. I think she needs help and so i agreed to. She said she will go to a charity house, an orphaned for the poor and the elderly near the town i will go to. My sister had arrange a private event in a resort hotel near the charity house.


And so I agreed. She is Marga. She is a 23 year old volunteer who is looking for someone to help her their faster as she is running out of time. She said she is just fulfilling a promise to an elderly woman to bring her back a photo album in their old house which is now abandone. The photo album, which contains memorable photos of her family, has been left in their old house and the old woman was looking after it. She said she wants have it in her bed, wants to look at it every time she will sleep and everytime she will wake up. Marga, who then was talking to the old woman, promised she will look after it and will do the best that she can. When she found it, a volunteer in the charity institution said the elderly woman is now looking for it, crying, and pleading as if she is being crazy and Marga knows the only way she can be calmed down is through the album. And now, I saw heer on the road. She said she can’t book a bus ticket going their because it’s the holidays and many people have already pre booked their ticket. In short, she was running out of tickets. She can’t wait until tomorrow. And so she started walking hoping to find someone who can help her. She thanked me and gave me a bracelet whom she said she hand made. It was a beautiful hand crafted bracelet which I am now wearing. Anyway, I did not know what happened next but all i know is that I am happy for being able to help people. I know that little favour made ripples and some people’s lives and even though I do not know them personally, it is as if I have fulfilled something that cannot be bought by money alone. And I feel really blessed because of that.


My Online Business


My online business is thriving now. I am just so happy that after two years of conceptualizing this business, I am now on my way on my launch. I am happy that even before it is launched, I had partners already who are willing to give me a chnce in this industry and I am happy that they also like my service. Would you like to know the key of our better service? Well, it is none other than excellent service.

I love how people says that our customer service is really nice . My team exerts so much effort in taking the time to attend to all the needs of my partners and my customers and to meet their demands on time. For me excellenct customer service starts with a really really strong internet service.

That is why I have partnered with a great internet provider and have it testedwlan access point test to try it first and it did not fail my expectation. I love it so much and that it is why our excellent customer service is reflected on it.

Looking forward for the weekend


Three days from now and it will be the weekend again. I know a lot of you loves the weekend as much as I do. Aside from being away from schooling and work, I also get to relax and enjoy and do the things I love. One of my passion projects recently is creating a nice portfolio for my photography. I have been doing this for quite some time now.


Actually, I started six months ago and I couldn’t be any happier because of my photos. I started photographing my cute little puppy and my room and my parents said I got an eye for photography. As a gift for my 20th birthday, my parents gifted me with a nice 360 grad kamera and since then, I have been using it during the weekend. For me, this is the best 360 camera. I love how it creates amazing photos that capture all views. Last week, I was in a beach near our hometown and I invited my friend to do some amazing shots during the sunset. It create a really nice impact. I just printed my photos and I am planning to start curating photos for my upcoming exhibit. My parents and even my older brother were all keen in supporting me. After my 360 camera, I also invested in another digital camera. It comes with a very nice lens which I can use during photoshoots. Do you want to have some photos taken by me? You can email and contact and we can collaborate!


Book lover storage


Are you a book lover? Do you love collecting new fictional books, magazines, newsletter, and other hardbound books? Does bookstores and coffee shops your favorite place? Well we have the same thing in common! I have some tips for you for book shelves hacks you might want to check out. Better yet, you can use a self storage for your convenience.  For a vertical book shelf. Linen baskets, toys and shoe boxes, and other compartment can do the tricks. You can also just pile your books in a neat way and create a nice art out of it. In addition, do not make room a little mess up, just a couple of organizational hacks and you’re off.  Compare storage prices right here.

Best Item In My Bag


Hi ladies! What’s the best item in your bag? Is it your make-up kit? Is it your notebook or mobile phone? Or you planner? Well, if you ask me, the best item you can find in my bag is none other than my watch! Yes, I need a watch in my life. Right now I am digging this wood watch which I bought in an online store right after using it in its first day, I am now more excited to buy more! Apart from its nice quality, what I love most about this wood watch—which I think is the best wooden watches —is that it fits to all my outfits. I love how it looks so classy on my wrist that I do not need any more accessories to put in my body. Just this one, plus a pair of hoop earring will set me for the night or even a boring day at the office. My friends also saw mine and they said they will buy too! I just told them not to buy the one I already bought so we will not be the same. Haha. Anyway, so I plan to buy a couple more—maybe blue and purple ones will do. These are my favorite colors so I am looking forward to pairing them to my black outfits.

Shopping for Summer


Summer is fast approaching ladies! I bet you are excited to hit the neareast beach or go island hopping and all. I too am excited to get my skin tanned. I have been longing to achieve a natural tan so I can flaunt my curves. Haha. But really, summer also spells fun, happiness and shopping! I have been listing down the things I need to buy for my next beach adventure with my friend Elise, Kim and Veronica and I am excited to hit the mall with them soon. Elise, Kim, Veronica and I have been travel buddies for quite some time now. We met in a club and we just get together to speak about our common yearning to hit the beach and just relax and meet boys too.

Of course, number 1 is swimsuit! I need to get at least three of its kind, one black, one pink, and one red. I am also thinking if I should buy a couple of florals and prints for some variety. I also listed down hats, a few sarongs, and some sandals.

As for toyuring the city, I need rubber shoes, shirts that are easy to dry, some sunblock, one cap and watches. I think I should buy a few Zegarki wooded watches to complement my dresses. What do you think guys?