Simple Henna Designs

These all Arabic designs are very Simple Henna Designs and you girls can easily apply these simple Arabic mehndi designs on your hands on this Eid ul Fitr.
This Modern Mehndi collection is specially designed for eid ul fitr because nowadays simple Arabic mehndi designs are in very demand because
of their own different style and eye-catching the beauty and these Mehndi Design Latest Arabic give a trendy and ideal look to your hands.



Nike SasQuatch 460 Driver Review


Nike has been making golf equipment now for around 10 years. While many like their irons, wedges and balls, Nike has always seemed to struggle in the driver and fairway wood department. Their first attempts were similar to products already on the market and the simple fact that Tiger was using the club did little to affect driver sales. Introduce the Sumo a few years back and they had a solid golf club that performed well. Now comes the Sumo 460
The Nike Sumo 460, of course, features a Titanium 460 cc head. The “footprint” of the monster is the largest that I have ever seen, with so much club behind the golf ball its no wonder why this club launches them high and carries them far! The longer, large club head allows weight to be moved to rear of the club head to produce this hi launch/low spin ball flight. Nike is calling this “Powerbow”. It is very evident in it’s Grey color towards the back of an all black crown. This is also what makes the thing look so big! The face itself is a proprietary metal called NexTi, which is “claimed” to be thinner, stronger and lighter than any Titanium out there. With a hot, large face and a very high MOI, the Nike Sasquatch 460 is a quantum leap in Nike’s driver development.

When I got to a chance to hit this club I used the 9.5* in a stiff flex. Obviously the first thing I noticed was it’s size. It was a little hard to get over, but after all the other large headed drivers I have hit over the years my intimidation did not last long. I hit a lot of good shots with this club, but for a 9.5* Stiff flex driver it was going a little too high for my taste. I will review the Tour version next. The club did almost everything I wanted it to. I could hit high hooks of course, and was even able to hit a few fades. This is a very solid club that was forgiving and had a nice hot feel to it. It did everything Nike said it would!

I would suggest this driver to anyone struggling to get the ball in the air. They make several lofts including a 13*! Many shaft flexes are available as well, so if you are in the market for a Nike driver, you should be able to find a head and shaft combination to fit you! The only real hang up for me was the higher than normal ball flight, but this driver is not intended for the faster swinger anyways! Give it a try, its definitely worth a look!


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Avoid Dangerous Hiking Encounters: My Story of Backpacking with Moose in the Wilderness


What animal do you fear most in the wilderness? Experienced backpacker or novice, the majority will say “a bear of course”. Whether it is the Appalachian Trail that runs from Georgia to Maine, the Alaskan backcountry, or the thousands of mountain trails in Colorado it is the bear. Stories of bear attacks are legend and millions of words have been written on how to avoid a bruin assault. There is no doubt in any hikerÕs mind that they are not Yogi.
Barely a word has been written warning of an animal we have found more unpredictable then any bear. No cautionary advice like wearing a bell, singing songs, talking loudly, or never hiking alone to let this animal know you are around.


It took personal experience and the words of a sage man before we understood the danger these mammals presented. They definitely are not Bullwinkle.

Moose are the largest cervids (members of the deer family that include elk, caribou, mule deer, and white-tailed deer) on the American continent. Averaging 6.5 to 9 feet at their humped shoulders and weighing up to 1400 pounds for a mature male, moose are enormous. Sure they look kind of goofy with their long bulbous nosed heads, wattled necks, and gangly legs that look to thin to support their bulky bodies. Did you notice the antlers though? Palmate (means broadly flattened) and sometimes spreading 5 feet across and capable of fending off the bear that most hikers fear. Did the wide hoofed feet escape your attention? The legs might look spindly but a kick that connects will cave in the skull of a bear.

The first picture accompanying this article is of a moose we encountered on the well-trodden East Inlet Trail in Grand Lake, Colorado. Just a young one, five years old or so, probably weighing in around nine hundred pounds. I dropped my pack, left the trail and got within 25 yards to take some photos. He was not impressed in the least. His vigorously shaking his head, pawing the ground, and rattling the young aspen trees with his antlers convinced me that I should leave the area.

Photo number two is of Jack (yeah, we named him) taken at Skeleton Gulch, Colorado. Jack was roaming around the meadow when we first arrived. He was content to wallow in a nearby mud hole, nibble at the young shoots of grass in the meadow, and paid us little attention. Mid-afternoon that day we were relaxing at the edge of the meadow about 30 yards from the mud wallow where Jack was snoozing in the sunshine. We saw him rise and start to wander across the meadow. He stopped, looked at us over his shoulder, turned and plodded toward us. Mary and I got up and walked, watching over our shoulders, toward our tent. Jack followed. We circled the tent (like two thin layers of nylon would stop the gargantuan mammal) and he followed. Up close his moist brown eyes did not show anger, more like curiosity. I admit to being nervous but not scared. Mary was frightened and ducked in to a close grove of pines. To be supportive I joined her (and by then I was starting to get scared) because the moose was determined to get real close to me. I am 6 foot tall and JackÕs humped shoulders were level with my head. He was a big guy. Jack decided he had harassed us enough and wandered away.

Late in the afternoon of day two a man and woman came walking across the meadow from the direction of Mt. Richtofen. They told us about their hike and the herd of elk they had watched. We told them about Jack. The man asked if the moose had shown any interest in us. We told him the story.

He told us how fortunate we were. Twenty plus years spent as a moose researcher in Rocky Mountain National Park had proven to him that moose were more dangerous than bear. Rutting males (September to October is mating season) were extremely territorial. Females with calves (May to June is birthing season) did not tolerate any intrusion near their young.

Jack visited the meadow a couple of more times while we were there. We gave him the respect he deserved.

The day we hiked out on the Ditch Road we rounded a curve and stopped. Fifty yards ahead, walking slowly away from us was a really big moose, with a calf. Our hearts started beating real fast and loud enough that she must have heard them. Mary focused her camera on the sight and saw another calf. Twins. Remembering what we had been told, we stayed far back. The trio of moose finally crossed the Ditch and was soon out of sight in the trees. In the photographs (not included in this article) they are difficult to make out. We were not going to try to get any closer.

There are three foolproof ways to know if a moose in the area. Tracks that look like white-tailed deer on steroids. Scat (that is poop) in the form of oval pellets. The most telling, and easiest to notice results from their feeding habits. Moose love to graze on the young foliage of willow, birch, fir and aspen trees. Young trees broken over to a 45 degree angle happen when they “ride down” the tree by straddling it. They push it down parallel to the ground so they can nibble on the really juicy bits.

Be aware, keep your distance, take good photographs, but do not expect them to pose. Boris and Natasha respected the moose. You should, too.

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New Website Created, but No Traffic


Can you remember the first time you set up your first website. You contemplated on your domain name, and what hosting company you wanted to sign up with. You also hired a web designer or you decided to designed it yourself to your satisfaction. If you want to learn more, browse some pages on web hosting Canada reviews.

I remind you, if your first website was just one of your run of the mill hobbies with no intentions of driving any traffic, then your accomplishments were successfully met. Now if you are trying to earn income from your website or blog and you have that mentality of if I build it they will come persona, well I have news for you.
Most people have this assertion that if they build a website, they will have visitors just show up. I am at fault also. I assumed people were just going to flock to my website just like most assumed. The hard truth is that my website just sat there. Now my website looked nice, had a professional appearance and well designed, but had nothing else going as far as getting people to visit. Basically my first website just sat on the world wide web abandoned by visitors.

I guess you asked what ever happened to my first website. Besides sitting there and rotting away, nothing happened. Unfortunately when you are not trained or educated with search engine optimization, you have no clue on how to get visitors to your website. So I had to go back, of course I also abandon my website. I went back to the drawing board and started doing a lot of research on how to get visitors to my website.

I had to learn how to bring in visitors or traffic to my website. In doing my research I was introduced to article marketing, acquiring manual or organic back links from other website, guest posts, commenting on blogs that are similar to the same subject matter that my current site has, etc. I was very skeptical at first. To be honest I was quite overwhelmed. I didn’t know what search engine optimization meant. Back links, I had no clue. I knew what links and hyperlinks were, but not back links. So if you are starting a website or blog, creating and designing it will and getting it up and running on the internet is half of the battle. Getting visitors to visit your web site is a whole different matter.

I would like to advise you to do a lot of research on search engine optimization and how to draw traffic to your website, before you just decide to get a website online. It will save you a lot of time, money and stress.

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How to Choose the Right Curtain Rods for Your Home


Choosing the right curtain rods can be difficult. It is not a simple case of visiting JC Penney or Bed, Bath and Beyond for your curtain rod needs and walking away five minutes later with the perfect set of curtain rods. You will want to ensure that you choose the design that will best complement your windows, furniture and the rest of your home décor. You will also need to work within your family budget, as curtain rods can be expensive.

Choosing the Right Style

Before you go shopping for curtain rods, decide on the exact style that you would like to have. Would you like to have wooden, metal or plastic curtain rods? Do you want the curtain rods to match your furniture or other décor in your home? Also, think about the type of curtains you plan on installing. Will you put up net curtains or fabric curtains?

Net curtains do not require thick curtain rods, as they can easily slip through a thin curtain rod, but fabric ones will look nicer and fit better with thicker curtain rods.

Family Considerations

When shopping for curtain rods, you will need to ensure your family also likes the style of curtain rods you buy. Everyone in the family will have to live with the choice of curtain rods after all! Some family members may not have any particular preference. But for those who do, consider their likes and dislikes and try to come up with a neutral style that everyone can live with. For dinner, you can surprise your family with new  wooden dinnerware sets. I bet they will like them!

Shopping for curtain rods is time consuming as it is without having to go to the trouble of removing them and returning them only to start the whole process all over again. If you get it right first time, you will not have to go through this.

Home Accessories

Next, you will need to think about the kind of accessories that will go with your curtain rods. Will you be looking into buying hold-backs for your curtains? If so, it is better to buy matching hold-backs that will complement your curtain rods. Pole rings will be required for fabric curtains or shower curtains, so it is worth adding these to your shopping list as well.

Budgeting Concerns

Curtain rods vary considerably in price. Obviously, the more ornate the curtain rods, the more costly they will be. For example, in JC Penney, the Bombay style goes up in price to $29.99 for curtain rods that are 60″-108″ wide. So if you need to buy curtain rods for eight windows that are the same size that will set you back over $230. Shop around for the best deal and try to buy curtain rods when they are on sale.

Weight of the Rods

Weight is not normally taken into consideration when shopping for curtain rods. But you will still need to bear this in mind. Heavy curtains will add even more weight to curtain rods. So you may decide to opt for a lighter style of curtain rod that can be easily assembled and held in place.

Shopping for curtain rods takes a lot of planning, thought and time. Look for curtain rods that fit your budget, décor and will be pleasing to all the family.

PHisoderm’s New Individual or Three-Step Skincare Line (System)-Now Available for All Skin Types (particularly Combination Skin)


It’s been a year (give or take a few days) since I first tried some of pHisoderm’s product line.
I was quite impressed.

I recently acquired their new skincare three-step system-The kit, launched in September 2007, retails for $19.97 (Very reasonable; most department store brands can start at $40 and up. The sleek new packaging really catches the eye with an inviting mint green shade-the bottles and containers also have a brown top, which complements this color) and includes pHisoderm’s Foaming Facial Wash, Nurturing Toner, and Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15. Now these products are still available individually. And individually, they’re excellent, but as a trio, they’re a force to be reckoned with!

I became impressed all over again.

And here’s why:

Starting with the Foaming Facial Wash (after gently wetting my face; I suggest you do this first for maximum results), I found it very quick and easy to use, with an abundance of fresh-scented hypoallergenic cleanser that provided plenty of lather from the pump bottle. The key ingredient is skin humectant or for those of you who are scientifically inclined, polyglutamic acid (Doesn’t the first one sound more important, though?).

My skin felt SO clean and moisturized. It was a good feeling, let me tell you; you’ll actually look forward to washing your face! (It’s recommended that you use this twice daily, but if you don’t have the time, I would personally strive for once daily in the evening.) The Facial Wash can be used by all skin types and retails for $6.99 along with dermaroller amazon.

The Nurturing Toner was a sensory delight, for my face absolutely tingled upon applying.

The toner gently cleanses your mug to remove excess makeup, dirt residue, oil, and dead skin cells, while also hydrating with nutrients (retails for $6.99).

My skin felt very refreshed and stayed that way all evening. And that heavenly smell is to die for!

This contains hyaluronic acid, which is an effective moisturizing agent.

Did you know that you can also use this to help prevent blemishes? You do now.

The Daily Moisturizer (with SPF 15) can indeed be used everyday. Why?

Because it works! It’s also oil-free, lightweight, and provides overall sun protection, blocking the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays without clogging pores. If that doesn’t impress you, maybe this will:

This moisturizer has vitamins C and E, helps promote collagen formation, improves skin elasticity, nurtures and hydrates the skin, all while still maintaining the pH level (Impressed the heck out of me!).

And again, there’s that fabulous smell. The price is $7.69.

For more information (including skincare advice and stores that offer the three-step kit), go to

Softlips, the world-renowned lip balm company, now has two new flavors (limited editions, however) that are perfect as stocking stuffers or for yourself. They are Sugar Cookie and Winter Mint. I have these two, and I love them! The scents are delicious; I particularly crazy about the Sugar Cookie one. Have you ever tried to sniff your lips all day? You will, when you try these! On the healthy side, there are also moisturizing ingredients to prevent chapped lips and offer SPF 20 protection.

Each new flavor is paired with a Softlips favorite- Sugar Cookie comes with Cherry, and Winter Mint with Vanilla (another to-die-for scent!). Each pack is $3.99 each.

There’s also the new Soflips Tints, available in Rose and Bronze. I have this too. They add a subtle touch of color to your lips and there’s a wildberry flavor to them. These tints complement most skin complexions, so don’t worry about which one to buy. Get them both; I did! (It’s $3.00 per item. They DO last for a quite a while.)

To find a Softlips retailer near you, go to and click on “Find Softlips”.


Tips for Potty Training a Child in Daycare


.otty training is never a boring event and can often cause problems with your child’s daily routine. If you are potty training a child in day care, there are a few things that you should consider. Sometimes, potty training a child in day care can actually be beneficial because the child is motivated by other kids who have already successfully completed the training and are wearing “big kid” underwear. However, it can also be stressful for your child so you need to make it as easy as possible, both on your child and on the day care provider.


Matching the Potty Chairs
Studies have shown that children learn potty training much more quickly when they use the same potty chair at home as they do in other places, such as in day care or school like Teddy Kids Kinderopvang

. Not only that, but day care providers must consider time, hygiene and other factors while attempting to accommodate everyone. Before you start the potty training process, consult with your day care provider and find out what they do with other children. Try to base your potty training techniques on those used at the day care for maximum convenience.

Potty Training Procedure for Nap Time
Most day care providers have nap time in the early afternoon and children who are potty training frequently experiences accidents while asleep on their mats. Find out what your day care provider prefers to do during nap time and try to act accordingly. Some would rather use diapers or pull-ups at nap time to avoid cleaning up accidents, while others don’t care either way. The most important thing is to make life as easy for your day care staff members as possible.

Proper Clothing for Potty Training
One of the major mistakes that parents make when potty training their child in day care is failing to dress their child appropriately. Pants and shirts should be separate — no overalls or one-pieces — and pull-down pants are the most convenient because children can remove them quickly and easily when they have to “go”. This makes the day care provider’s just much easier because accidents don’t have to be cleaned as often.

Providing Spare Clothing
Accidents will happen while potty training, regardless of whether or not the child is in day care. For these unplanned emergencies, keep at least two extra sets of clothing at the day care. Most day cares have “reserves” for children who don’t have extra clothing, but you’ll have to launder those items and return them, so save everyone the trouble. Make sure you have extra underwear, extra shirts and extra pants.

Consider the Timing
It isn’t a good idea to start potty training just because it seems like the right time. Instead, consider other occurrences in the child’s life. Holidays and major changes signify a less-than-appropriate time for potty training, as are the first few weeks after changing day care providers. Make sure that your child is calm and confident in his or her surroundings before you make additional changes.

Samsung SGH-F400 Mobile Phone Review


Features SGH-F400 is the navigation system for music; speakers and sound clarity of the connections provide an attractive option for children advance music. A few months after that raid mobile music taste more intense. Local mobile phone brands are offered original Chinese music with the latest features and are sold at relatively cheaper. Face this phenomenon, large suppliers not remain silent. What is being done to the Samsung SGH-F400 Mobile series? This mobile phone is the second series that the introduction of the concept of a folder slides two previous series, the SGH-i450. With strength in the music functions, SGH-F400 not normally presents. Beam quality music from the speakers is okay blessing technology speakers from Bang amp; Olufsen. Evidence as true mobile music is also reflected in the existence of s 3.5 mm jack. The joystick can be rotated 360 degrees (track wheel navigation), shows the console MP3 player.


The SGH-F400 design is similar with the SGH-i450 design. With two folders sliding direction makes SGH-F400 has two different views. When the speaker opened the folder, the menu of multimedia options will be ready to actively approach. Conversely, when a folder is opened keyboard, the phone back on the regular menu options. Keys are enough lines ergonomic display by 10 mm per console. In the upper right corner is the key to access the active standby menu, and left with no access to the video call button. The navigation button is made with the concept of the 360-degree spin, but the navigation played four directions. Music format that can play on this phone is MP3/AAC/eACC and WMA with its immersive sound. Completed features include music sound effect (normal, pop, rock, jazz, the broad, dynamic and surround). As a music phone, Bluetooth stereo certainly become a necessity in this phone. There is also a music feature that is capable of the kind of music being played. Radio feature in the SGH-F400 can store the data channel, 56 radio stations. Completed additional supplies, the RDS (Radio Data System) to access information quickly radio options. Although the system has two input headset, the radio active only use the USB headset jack from Samsung. The camera is not something that appears to be unreliable, but the SGH-F400 camera has a resolution of the acceptable, which is 3 Mpix (2048×1536 pixels). Feature in the camera menu options available, namely the operation, a light flash, white balance, timer, multi-shot and brightness. Video format can be selected, 3GPP and MP4. .

In theory, Internet access HSDPA (high speed packet access downlink) in the SGH-F400 can speed up to 3.6 Mbps. In addition, provision of connection that is prepared to GPRS and EDGE class 10.

SGH-F400 mobile phones have a great memory. Internal memory available is 24 MB, while the external memory that the concept of “hot swap can be accommodating capacity micro SD until 8 GB. The 24 MB internal memory rather small for the size of the phone, almost everything was used for a variety of embedded applications. To benefit from downloading music must rely on external memory. Enjoy the music in the SGH-F400 can be great fun. All the features associated with music can work slick, especially jet noise and loud speaker’s crystal clear glass to ICE power technology, Bang amp; Olufsen. Navigation guides you with the perfect music Scroll wheel navigation. But it is so little attention, only limited internal memory. SGH-F400 work using a mobile phone Lithium Ion Battery 960 mAh. The test results, the performance of the battery enough to support functions to play music. The battery indicator fell only a bar when the MP3 for an hour.

Choosing a Content Management System


Creating a static web page–one that serves only to provide visitors with information–is simple. HTML code is very easy to learn, and many providers offer templates that don’t require any coding on the webmaster’s part. A dynamic site with regular updates, user-submitted content, online stores, forums, and other bells and whistles requires much more advanced programming knowledge. A content management system (CMS) allows you to add dynamic features to your site without hiring a professional programmer. If you want to have quality service, you need to know the right softeware to buy. I do suggest you check out this link: asp .net cms. Even webmasters with the necessary coding background can benefit from using a CMS, since most of the work is already done for you. There are lots of content management systems available, so it’s important to find the one that’s right for you.
The first thing to consider when choosing a content management system is cost. Some content management systems are available completely free of charge, while others cost hundreds or thousands dollars. A few have different pricing schemes depending on how they will be used. Usually, such programs are free for non-commercial sites, but require a paid license if your site is selling a product or service. When considering a CMS, you’ll need to read the terms of use to make sure that you can legally use the program for your web site.

Once you’ve eliminated the content management systems that are out of your price range, you’ll need to determine which of the remaining ones will run on your server’s operating system. You’ll also need to find out what types of databases (a robust CMS will almost certainly require one) and scripting languages are required to run the CMS. If you’re running your own server, you can install the necessary components. Otherwise, you’ll be restricted to the database formats and scripts available through your provider. With cost and technological limitations determined, your list of potential content management systems should be considerably more focused. Now it’s time to start looking at functionality. Make a list of all the things that you want, or might want, your web site to do, and organize them in order of priority. For example, if your site sells DVDs, a sample list might include: an online store with customizable or DVD-specific product fields (running time, MPAA rating, cast and crew information, etc.); the ability to play movie clips in all popular formats;a user reviews and/or ratings system; and an RSS feed aggregator (for streaming news from popular movie sites).

Now that you know what functions are most important for your site, you can start comparing your list to the features of various content managements systems and eliminate those that do not meet your needs. You can narrow the list down further by testing online demos or visiting sites that use the CMS and marking off the ones that are buggy, slow, or difficult to use. Once you’ve narrowed your list down to two or three packages, download the trial or demo versions of the software and set them up on your system. This will allow you to get some hands-on experience with the programs and decide which one will work best for the site you want to create. Whether you’re an experienced webmaster or just starting out, content management systems can allow you to create a more dynamic, feature-rich site.

For the more advanced features, installing a CMS is cheaper than hiring a programmer and less time-consuming than doing the programming yourself. While downloading or purchasing the first CMS you find that meets your site’s requirements will get the job done, your site will be better in the long run if you spend a little time researching the available options

Strategic Execution Officer: The New Essential in Business


In the last five years companies have found that the traditional role of strategic planning is ineffective in today’s global, productivity driven culture. In fact, strategic planning as a whole has morphed into a larger, more refined role as companies look not only to have plans for the future but a disciplined approach as to how to get there. That strategy is the role of the newest executive in corporate America, the SEO or Strategic Execution Officer.
For some companies the strategic execution officer is technology-based in that he or she leverages technology to streamline business processes or to develop information technology tools that will support management control issues and business processes. For others, the strategic execution officer serves as the central matrix point, cultivating a nexus of controls that allow for communication and collaboration amongst departments, divisions, or offices.

In the last fifteen years or so, strategic planning and operations management were the buzzwords as the Six Sigma business quality model was implemented wide scale. What Six Sigma did not do was help companies perform at higher rates, even though their quality assessments increased. The Balanced Scorecard Collaborative estimates that eighty to ninety percent of strategic plans are never carried out. Just a decade ago, project failure rates hovered around the same levels. What can be taken from those numbers is that after company executives and teams have returned from retreats and decided where they want to go as an organization, the failpoint has been in implementing a strategy necessary to get to that place and then seeing it transpire.

When companies invest in strategic planning it is an investment in human resources. This is not just pure jotting down of notes in your academic diary.Allocating money for the ultimate benefit of the company appears to be the soundest investment executives can make. However, when a plan only has ideas and no real method to discover or deploy action items in order to make a plan workable, you do not have a plan you have a rendering of the finished product. Imagine someone wanting to build their own home. They visit an architect’s office and tell them exactly what they want. The job of the architect is to render via Cad or other design software a working image of what the individual wanted. What the architect cannot do is tell you the steps to achieve the building of that home.

And such is the problem with strategic planning. With this new role it has often fallen to chief information officers who took the challenge of building a set of IT protocols that enable oversight and some workflow pattern to enable the strategic plan to be fulfilled. In other cases, the CIO fulfilled his/her obligations by developing a series of processes shaped around the critical data that a company uses to service its clients and customers. And still others have found their duties to include taking the overall goals of the company and placing them into short and long term objectives and then holding divisions accountable to them.

The real work of the strategic executive officer is behind the scenes as foreman. What business leaders have found is that these executives or managers of change push to strike a balance between the projects that drive a company and the people that drive the projects that drive the company. This is a result of the modern marketplace converging and our established methods of business are inefficient to deal with the matters every business faces. The importance being that human capital has so much value in the marketplace that it could be said that we have moved from a blue collar work ethic to a knowledge worker base of labor. And with that comes changes that must be made to embrace the changes necessary to allow company’s to reach their goals.

In whatever the role whether the SEO is busing and managing a platform of digital processes and data that serve key companywide processes or building a platform of services that reach companywide, relieving individual units of certain responsibilities the job of the strategic execution officer has become an essential in our global marketplace. This job can be categorized in four segments: developing and overseeing the components of the core business-process platform, accepting a leadership role in a company’s IT governance, brokering opportunities for driving value from the platform, and establishing an organization and incentives for sustaining the platform.

Managers and entrepreneurs are in need of men and women who are passionate about seeing a big idea become reality, people whose greatest gift is getting things done. These productivity magnets are essential to the success of an organization.